Hi Randall, I just wanted to say thank you again for such a great class. We had mentioned we did not have a good experience with our class when we obtained our CCW. I was very impressed with your presentation. It was very informative, thorough and enjoyable. You stressed the seriousness and responsibility of having a CCW, but were able to interject your personal experiences making the "whole" experience more realistic. After attending my first class, I did not feel confident or had the desire to carry my weapon on a daily basis. Your class has made me more enthusiastic and wanting to better my skills, so I can carry my weapon more often with the increased confidence and skill. I plan to attend more of your sessions in the future. Thank you for the handout as well. It is very thorough, and valuable to be able to refresh/review all the information you have given us. I will definitely recommend your class to my family and friends, Susan November 2012


Thank you for the great, informative personal protection class! Becci August 2012


Thanks so much for your training and patience. I feel confident in applying for my CCW. Amanda August 2012


Awesome class! Great instructor. Leslie August 2012


You are the most qualified instructor in Bakersfield, unknown 2013



I wanted to thank you again for a great class. You presented it in a very efficient, well structured, and professional manner. I ran into another student from class while we were processing paperwork and we both reflected on how good the training was. P.S I really liked the donuts and coffee. Thanks again Kenny. March 2014



The class had real world applications and was very informative. The instructors made my wife feel very comfortable and were very knowledgable. I highly recommend Randall and his team.



Really enjoyed this class! I was super nervous and they made me feel very comfortable. Great guys and great instructors!



Randall has an awesome class and I would recommend anyone to him!



Fantastic class with instructors that were extremely professional. Highly recommend.




I wanted to send you a note about the training today.  
I've trained multiple places throughout Florida and Texas and went through a few of the NRA classes, basic pistol, range officer, and through some of the instructor course work.  In all this time I have not gone through a training course which offers the crouched shooting position of moving and shooting.  After today's training I realize skills I lack and need to train better.  I feel your program is a nicely setup program.
I would be looking into the future of an advanced class and where I can go to hone my skills beyond my current levels.




Thank you for an excellent training opportunity! Experienced trainers you can rely upon to   prepare you for being your own first line of defense.







Great class.


Summer Cunningham  


I cannot say enough about this class. It was not at all what I expected. The hands-on instructors are professional and very skilled; The entire program is clear, concise, and delivered in a friendly atmosphere. I was surprised at what I learned in just three hours. I can’t wait to attend the advanced class. I strongly recommend this training course to every woman I know.





Great class, fantastic Instructor. Really appreciated taking a class from someone who "lives behind the gun". Looking forward to taking more classes from these guys. Thank you!





Great instructor. Great support staff. The instructor kept the class engaged during instruction. The support staff was very helpful. I liked learning in an outdoor range and using real life scenarios. Thank you and I look forward to attending more classes to further advance my skills.





Awesome!!! Awesome!!! Awesome!!! I highly recommend anyone looking for firearms training here in the Kern County area to attend Advanced Personal Protection. These guys are great!!! I'm definitely looking forward to doing more training with these guys!!!


Today I took my initial CCW Class with Advanced personal protection not knowing what to really expect. My experience with the instructors were really great. The knowledge that the group has is something I don't think you would be able to find through most of the other classes around town.


Learned a great deal! Excellent firearms instructors. Knowledgeable, experienced and professional. Totally recommended.


One of the best classes I've ever taken - always learn something new in Randall's classes. His instructors were very helpful and explained everything in great detail which is awesome. Very relaxed atmosphere - felt that you could ask any question and not feel dumb. Will only take my classes from him. Feel so much more confident after taking this renewal class. If you are thinking about taking a CCW or CCW renewal class - I cannot recommend Randall's class enough - you won't regret it.


I've had my CCW for 4 years now and I feel more confident with each class I take because of the techniques and mindset Randall teaches me to have. I learn something new each time and feel ready to take on the unforeseen challenges that may lie ahead if need be. I recommend everyone take their class! You will leave with confidence, knowledge and a refreshed mindset that you have made a great choice to protect yourself and loved ones.


Thank you for the refresher course! I learn alot every time and remember more also!!


Great class ! Lots of get info and drills

Thank you Randy and Patrick for all your support during this training. I was rather nervous and you both were so patient. You are a very good instructor and kept the class moving along, I felt so much more confident at the end of the class. I have recommended you to several of my friends interested in this class.


At first I was very nervous about the different topics and laws that were going to be discussed, but after a few minutes of instruction I felt at ease. It was obvious the two instructors present were not only extremely knowledgeable, but wanted to teach us. The class size was perfect and I felt like each of us students received the necessary one on one time with the instructors. When it came time to shoot they ensured I had the correct stance and the tools necessary to hone my skills. I appreciated all of the instruction Advanced Personal Protection provided me. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to better their skills or qualify for a CCW.


Thank you Randall and staff for another great class. My husband and I highly recommend Advanced Personal Protection for all of your firearm class needs.