Initial 8 hour Course-$135

Renewal 4 hour Course-$85

 Private Initial Course-$500

Private Renewal Course-$250

Thank you for choosing Advanced Personal Protection for your Conceal Carry Weapon Course.  The goal of the course is to ensure that the students understand the laws of the state of California regarding civilians carrying a concealed weapon and handgun safety. Both initial 8 hour and renewal 4 hour courses are offered on the same day.

  • The Course will involve a lecture and shooting qualification.  During the course we will discuss: 
  • Knowing the criteria for the issuance and renewal of a CCW
  • Understanding Civil and Criminal liabilities regarding the use of a firearm
  • Understanding the use of force policy regarding the use of any firearm
  • Discussions regarding proper Mindset when confronted with a lethal encounter
  • Students will understand firearm safety and basic knowledge of the different types of firearms
  • Criteria to consider when selecting a firearm

*** You must have your approval letter from the Sheriff's Office before taking CCW class***



(Co-ed or All Woman's) 

       Length of Course 3 hours

Course Goal:

This course will cover, pistol knowledge and safe gun handling.  Loading and unloading of semi-auto and revolver handguns.  Ammunition knowledge and the fundamentals of pistol shooting.  Properly storing handguns and proper maintenance of firearms.  We will talk about proper mindset, gun handling and marksmanship skills.  We will also spend time on the range completing various activities.


(Co ed or All Woman's) 

Length of Course 4 hours

Course Goal: 

This advanced shooting class is designed for the individual who is looking for more challeng in their shooting skills.  This person is very proficient at using their handgun and would like to learn techniques to refine their precision skills.  This class will teach how to shoot on the move and shoot at moving targets.  It will teach the proper use of cover and concealment for personal defense, and reality drills involving shoot and no shoot situations, and decision-making involving the concealed carry of a handgun.  Drills are designed to challenge the shooter and build confident in handling skills.  The student is required to have taken the basic pistol course, and or equivalent class.  Accepted certificates have to be approved by the instructor prior to attending the course

This 4 hour course is physically demanding and students should be in good physical condition before attending.



                               PRIVATE PISTOL INSTRUCTION

Private instruction-(weapon and ammo NOT included)--$300/ 3 hour block

Private Instruction-(weapon and ammo ARE Included)--$500/ 3 hour block


At the beginning of all of our training it is important to cover rules and regulations about our training. We also have to make sure our students understand basic range safety and gun safety.

 Private instruction is extremely beneficial to a student. You get one on one training from one of the most experienced firearms instructors in Kern County.

 Our private instruction will vary by student. We understand that we have students who are novice and others are very experienced shooters. Based on that we will adapt the training to the students needs. We will make sure the training will provide the student with the best and most current shooting techniques alonge with the most up to date defensive tactics. We strive to make our training the best for our students and want everyone to have fun while being safe. Shooting is a passion of Advanced Personal Protection instructors, a passion we wish to pass along to all of our students. Hope to see you all on the range.



 $ 350 (per student)

  (3 Hour Course)

We understand that there are people out there that want to shoot before purchasing a weapon. Well our Premium Pistol Course is the answer.

With this class we provide the firearms and the ammunition. We also limit the class to 2 people. Because of limit of students we can provide the best instruction possible while showing the student several firearms that are commonly purchased for protection and the student will have the ability to shoot these firearms. This class will be FUN whild being very informative. The student will walk away confident with their shooting abilities.


We understand that the dates times and packages we have listed may not fit your schedule. We want everyone to be an avid shooter. If you have a group, a family, some friends, a business group, of any kind and want to do one of the above listed classes, JUST GIVE US A CALL..... We are more than willing to add another day of shooting onto our schedule to get you on the range. So get your group together for what ever course you want to take and contact us asap. The price will still be the same as listed above for what ever course you want to take.