On September 26, 2018, Governor Jerry Brown approved Assembly Bill No. 2103 that goes into effect on January 1, 2019. This bill requires CCW courses of training be at least eight hours but not be required to exceed 16 hours. Assembly bill 2103 also requires the CCW course of training to include instruction on firearm handling, shooting technique, and to include a demonstration, by the applicant, of shooting proficiency and safe handling of each firearm the applicant will be licensed to carry.The training will include live-fire exercises conducted on a firing range. A licensing authority shall establish, and make available to the public, the standards it uses when issuing licenses with regards to the required live-fire shooting exercises, including, but not limited to, a minimum number of rounds to be fired and minimum passing scores from specified firing distances.

In order to track the proficiency requirement, The Kern County Sheriff’s Office created a Firearms Qualification Card. The Card will be required for all new applicants,renewal permits and prior to an applicant adding a firearm to their permit. The qualification is valid for two years per gun or until their current permit expires, whichever occurs first. The recommended minimum qualification course will be 12 rounds: 4 rounds at 5 yards, 2 rounds gun hand only then 2 rounds support hand only from 5 yards, and 4 rounds at 7 yards. The passing score is 75% which equals missing 3 rounds outside the bottle outline on a standard FBI-Q target or its equivalent

The price for the initial & renewal ccw classes includes qualifying with your primary firearm.  If you have multiple firearms listed on your permit or you want to add a firearm, I have added the price to qualify with the additional firearms below.  The qualifying course with your primary firearm will be Advanced Personal Protection's 30 round course.  The additional firearms will be the minimum as required by the licensing authority.

Adding additional firearms pricing as follows:

Firearms 2, 3 and 4 will be an additional $25.00

Firearms 5, 6 and 7 will be an additional $35.00

Firearms 8, 9 and 10 will be and additional $45.00

Additional appointment to add additional firearms to your permit: 1-5 firearms $35.00.

Additional appointment to add additional firearms to your permit: 5-10 firearms $45.00.