Randal Meyer

I have lived in Bakersfield all my life.  I have been practicing handgun safety since I was a small child.  At the age of 25 I decided I wanted to make a difference here in Kern County.  I attended a Police Academy where my gun handling skills were put to the test.  I have continued my firearms education each and every year by taking several firearms courses and classes.  I recently retired after 10 years on a local SWAT team, 7 of those years as a sniper.  I was previously assigned as an assistant range master for my department, until promoting to a Detective.  I also have been certified by the NRA as a Pistol Instructor.

I am dedicated to providing you with all the skills you will need to protect yourself and family if the need arises.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and would like to attend one of the protection courses.


  • ·         Advanced Tactical Pistol Instructor  P.O.S.T.
  • ·         Tactical Shotgun Instructor            P.O.S.T.
  • ·         Tactical Carbine Instructor             P.O.S.T.
  • ·         Close Quarters Combat – Carbine   P.O.S.T.
  • ·         Basic Sniper                                  P.O.S.T.
  • ·         Advanced Sniper                           P.O.S.T.
  • ·         Basic S.W.A.T. School                    P.O.S.T.
  • ·         Hostage Rescue
  • ·         Mental Preparation for Combat
  • ·         Force Options Instructor                 P.O.S.T.
  • ·         FX Simunition Scenario Instructor   P.O.S.T.
  • ·         NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
  • ·         DOJ Certified Firearms Safety Instructor
  • ·         Colt Armor,Glock Armor
  • ·         Force Sience Institute Graduate
  • .         Front Sight Diamond Member
  • .         NRA Member



Juan Trevino 

I began shooting when I was about 10 years old. I have been an active shooter for the majority of my life. When I was 23 I became a Law Enforcement Officer with a local agency.  I became an assistant range instructor with my department and certified to instruct Rifle and Shotgun.  I was a member of my departments SWAT team where I have received countless hours of firearms training and tactics. I continue to train with firearms to become a better student of my trade. Curently I am the Range Master for my department.


  • ·         Post Certified Shotgun Instructor
  • ·         Post Certified Rifle Instructor
  • ·         Post Certified Special Weapons and Tactics Operator
  • .         Front Sight Diamond Member
  • .         NRA Member


      Andrew Brown