1. The first part of the process it to complete the Conceal Carry Application. Applicants can get the application the link on the right side of this page.
  2.  After completed, the application will need to be turned into the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, located at 1350 Norris Road in Bakersfield. No payment is required before the applicant has been approved for the CCW permit.
  3.  The Kern County Sheriff’s Office will complete an initial background on the applicant. After the applicant has been approved, they will need to attend an eight (8) hour initial course.
  4.  After the applicant successfully completes the eight (8) hour initial course they will need to turn in the certificate received from the class to the Kern County Sheriff’s Office. At this time the application fees are due and payable to the Kern County Sheriff’s Office in the amount of $159.00.
  5.  The Kern County Sheriff’s Office will then take the applicants fingerprints then send all the information to the Department of Justice for a secondary background check.
  6.  Once the secondary background check has been completed, the Kern County Sheriff’s Office will contact the applicant and have them come into the office and pick up their CCW permit.
  7.  Every two (2) years after the initial class the CCW permit holder will be required to attend a four (4) hour renewal class. The class will consist of new laws and updates. My associates and I also provide the renewal classes.


My associates and I are committed to providing the proper training necessary to carry a concealed weapon in public. We will help prepare our students in every way, physically, legally, mentally, tactically and even emotionally for the realities of a life-threatening encounter. Advanced Personal Protection has assembled the most qualified instructors in Kern County to teach these classes.

 There is a link on the top left of the page to the initial CCW application